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Stretch hood is the solution to stabilize and handle very unstable loads.

By use of the right unitization technology you can minimize the most prevalent types of damage to loads such as shifting, ripped or loose packing, crushing, water damage and infestation.

The stretch hood is made from a continuous roll of gusseted film which is stretched over the pallet load for maximum load integrity.

The principle is that after opening up the tubular stretch hood and mechanically stretching it at 4 places it is pulled over the unit pallet load.


• Building industry (cement, bricks, tiles, etc.)
• Petrochemical products such as polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE & etc.), Polypropylene
• Glass & bottle industry
• Collective packaging of food industrial products (soft drinks, canned food, etc.)
• Individual or unified packaging of industrial and household appliances.


• Printing (up to 4 colour flexographic printing)
• Film colouring
• Anti-static
• UV stable (6, 12 months)
• Customize role diameter